1. By clicking the Buy button (including Place an order, Download, etc.) you agree that you are paying for the continuous operation of the site and not for products that you can download. All products, information or any digital products and modules are provided for viewing for 14 days, after which you will not be able to download them again in your personal account, and they will not be supported in the future.
2. Attention! When buying access to modules, be sure to specify the site on which you will use them. Because some modules are supplied on the principle of 1 purchase = 1 domain, that is, the key is issued only for 1 domain!! Therefore, indicate the site for which you are buying a domain in the comments! The key can be obtained at the e-mail address specified in the order or contact us in the Telegram chat at the number specified in the contacts, the number of your order and the domain on which you will use the module. 3. Please also note that all paid orders, as well as free ones, can be downloaded in the personal account for 14 days, after this period, the orders in the account will no longer be available, to re-download you need to make a second order! 4. All modules, modifiers and other digital and informational products or materials posted on our resource are sold on an "As Is" basis and it is understood that this software and information is for test use only, and their functionality is not guaranteed on your stores or hostings, servers and other places where you can install them, there are also no guarantees, compensations, refunds, for damages caused by this software and information. 5. By purchasing access to these files, information, or any other resources, you agree to this offer. If you do not agree with these terms, leave this site immediately, because you assume all consequences for the operation of this software and information.

Since the products provided by us are electronic goods, not physical and not subject to change, we do not return the product after it has been paid for and sent to the customer, except in cases provided by the current legislation.

As a customer, you are responsible for your decision to buy the offered product as it is offered on our site, without any changes or additions (as is). The customer also undertakes to implement it in the CMS, understanding that each Opencart site is unique, with different source code, and that not every product from our site may be compatible with the customer's site, due to the features of the customer's site itself. Except for the cases when the customer purchased the product with the option "Installation by technical support specialists" and the integration of the product into the CMS is carried out by technical support specialists.

Please note that we are not responsible for and therefore do not honor returns/exchanges for products that are incompatible with third-party software (plugins, add-ons, modules, templates, search filters, scripts, extensions etc). d.), in addition to those specified in the description of our products. We also do not provide support for third-party programs.

Bonuses are also non-refundable services/products.

Free services are not guaranteed and such services are non-refundable.

Funds paid for the "Technical Support Specialists" service for paid or free modules or other goods are not refundable, and it is considered that when purchasing, you agree that the specialist spent time on the ordered service, and the service is considered completed.

In view of the above, we may return the product under the following circumstances:

Contact us

Our support service will be happy to provide you with any assistance in solving your question 24 hours a day on weekdays. The maximum response time to requests for buyers who placed an order with the "installation by technical support specialists" option is 16 hours, and for buyers with the "do it yourself" option in the order and users who downloaded free add-ons - 48 hours. Our specialists will find the optimal solution for you in the shortest possible time.

Issues of product return are considered within 2 weeks after the purchase. You can send your requests through the contact form on the website, in the letter you must specify the details of the order and the reason for which you want to return the product. Please make sure you read the information above carefully before sending your email.

The price of the product will be returned to your account after signing the agreement on non-use of the product/elements of the product. This contract is provided by our support team after receiving your return request letter. Please note that the technical support service responds to customer inquiries within 16-48 hours.

Upon entering into a mutual agreement, we may exchange the product you purchased for another product equivalent in value and functionality.