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About the module

With this module, you will be able to translate the entire site content into any language.

The module uses Google Translate API, so you would be interested to know that Google Translate API provides free translation of 500'000 characters every month. Charge only for symbols over 500'000, price $20 per 1'000'000. That is, if you transfer 400,000 symbols in a month, then you do not pay anything. And if you transfer 600,000 symbols per month, then you will pay only for 100,000, that is, only $2.

And Google Translate API gives $300 to a virtual account to all new users. This starting capital will be enough for the translation of several standard-sized sites.

We know from experience how difficult it is to add a new language to a ready and working website.

We know it's hard and time-consuming work because someone has to edit every product, every category, every article. And also go to each module on the site and translate all values of the module manually.

It is to facilitate such work that we have created a module: Mass automatic translation of texts, products, categories, articles, etc. with the Google translate API.

Now adding a new language to your site is a simple process.

We have developed an excellent engine for analyzing multilingual strings in your site's database and we show you how much text is not translated and which text is not translated.

And we also provide an opportunity to run a mass translation across the entire database, or by a selected table, for example, by the Products table, or by the Categories table, etc.

From version 2.0+, the module can analyze and automatically translate localization files (\catalog\language\uk-ua, \catalog\language\ru-ru, etc.).

Allows manual editing of localization files from the module page.

In addition, with the help of our module Mass automatic translation of texts, products, categories, articles, etc. with the Google translate API, a convenient translation button will appear next to each multilingual content editing block on all administrative pages of your site.

We translate using the Google Translate API, so our translation is very high quality, just like Google.

Demo video:

How to get Google Cloud Translate API key:

A separate article on the topic of obtaining a key

Sign in to your Google Account.

Go to Google Cloud Platform.

In the search box, type "Cloud Translation API" and select it.

Enable "Cloud Translation API".

You may have to enable billing, but as a new user, you can get $300 credited to your Google Cloud Platform account!

Go to Credentials and create an API key (select Create Credentials at the top and select API Key)

Now you can use your Google Translate API key in your module!

Make sure you get $300 bonus from Google:

Our advantages:

- Free translation of 500,000 characters per month.

- Google Translate API is giving away $300 on a virtual account to all new users.

- "Translate" button next to each multilingual text. This is very convenient when adding new articles, products, etc. You focus on the quality of content in only one language, and click the "Translate" button for others;

- Block of analysis of multilingual content:

  •     Analyzes and displays information about untranslated content;
  •     Analyzes and displays information about the same translation for different languages (this is one of the signs that the text is copied, not translated)
  •     We show general information about untranslated texts by tables, fields in tables and languages;
  •     We show detailed information about untranslated text;
  •     We provide the opportunity to translate the entire site into the language of your choice.
  •     We provide the possibility to translate a certain plate / a certain table field / all languages or a specific language;
  •     We show the approximate number of untranslated characters, site-wide, per database table, per multilingual database text field;
  •     If the text remains unchanged after translation into the language, the module remembers it and no longer offers you to translate the text. This is convenient when there are words that are written the same way in different languages.

- Analysis block of localization files (\catalog\language\uk-ua, \catalog\language\ru-ru, etc.):

  •     Analyzes and displays information about untranslated values in localization files;
  •     Shows statistics on untranslated values, number of files, number of values, number of characters, etc.
  •     Translate button next to each file containing untranslated values
  •     The ability to edit files manually and the Save file button.
  •     Highlighting and highlighting in red untranslated values in the localization file.
  •     The Translate all files button starts mass translation of all localization files where there are untranslatable values.

- Our translation preserves the structure and styles of the HTML code, so you will always have a site with the same structure for all languages, and it will differ only in the translation.

- Our translation is of very high quality, it is certainly not a human translation, there may be minor errors, but there are also errors in translations made by humans.

The main thing is that you can always go in and correct the text as you need. It is always more convenient to fix minor mistakes than to translate everything from scratch.

- Our module is very fast, translating the entire site into a new language with several thousand products and articles can take a maximum of 2-3 minutes.

- Our module makes it easier to work with multilingual content and makes our customers happy, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of our satisfied customers.

- One of the advantages is the price, you pay not a high price for the module only once, and you can always use the benefits of convenient translation.


Russian, Ukrainian, English
Reviews: 5
Ілонка Ткачук
Чудовий модуль, допомогли з встановленням, все працює відмінно та перекладає описи товарів
An excellent module, got up on Opencart 2.1 perfectly, a responsive developer was always in touch and helped to solve the issues that arose. Definitely recommend to buy!
The administration's response:
Thank you
Модуль после установки на ocStore 3 не заработал, но админ быстро ответил и все починил.
Рекомендую данный модуль к покупке!
The administration's response:
Спасибо за покупку!
Супер модуль! Спасибо автору за разработку! Очень нужен модуль для мультиязычных сайтов. Перевод базы производится всего за несколько минут при наличии 6000 товаров и обширного блога новостей и статей.
The administration's response:
Модуль отличный, просто незаменим для перевода сайта. На opencart работает как часы
The administration's response:
Спасибо за отзыв!
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Instructions for installing the module:

  1. Before performing any actions related to the installation of the add-on in Opencart, we recommend creating a backup copy of all site files and store database;
  2. Install the localcopy fix (if you haven't installed it yet)
  3. Download the module file for the desired version of Opencart from our site (Follow the installation instructions if there is one in the archive with the module);
  4. Then go to the "Installing applications/extensions" section and click on the "Download" button;
  5. Select the downloaded file and wait for the complete installation of the module and the appearance of the text "Application successfully installed";
  6. After that, go to the "Application Manager" and update the modifiers by pressing the "Update" button;
  7. Before these actions, you need to add rights to view and manage the module in the "User groups" section for the administrator, or other users of your choice, by clicking "Select all"
After completing these steps, your module will be installed and ready to use, and you can start configuring it!

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