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WordPress 5.8+
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The module is no longer supported by the developer, so it is sold "as is". Technical support is not provided.

Every Webmaster dreams that his site works flawlessly without interference and consistently generates income. Many will say that these are only fantasies, but knowledgeable people understand that this has long become a reality. For example, one proven and working method is known - selling links on a completed and promoted site.

But in order to achieve good earnings, you need to have a website with a certain amount of content. So, it should have more than 1 thousand pages, each of which must have an article of 1.5 thousand characters. Under such conditions, you can earn from 50 thousand rubles, while doing almost nothing.

But how to create such a huge project in the shortest possible time and promote it? Someone can spend several days on this, and someone - whole months. You can do it much easier: instead of wasting your time searching for the right content, just use the right tool.
Plugin WPGrabber v.8.8.8 PRO

Sites are filled with content automatically, and you have a rest. Fill your WordPress sites automatically with information from any other sources!
Set up the plugin and get content automatically

In order not to search for the necessary information on their own among a variety of unnecessary texts, advanced webmasters have not used manual search for a long time. For this, there are special grabber plugins that are able to collect information on their own and enter it on the site.

We are pleased to present you a modern and unique plugin - "WPGabber". This grabber will help you fill your site with any content from other Internet sources in the shortest possible time. It retrieves the data you need from any website and can automatically format it into a full post on your website. In addition, due to its wide functionality, it can additionally be used for:

     maintaining full-text news columns on your blog using other sites;
     making copies of other resources;
     creation of localized versions of Internet resources due to the built-in system for translating information "to tape".

WPGrabber Features

This plugin has a lot of possibilities. In addition to being compatible with "JoomlaGrabber", it also:

     Allows you to import content from any site you choose, RSS feed, including from the walls of popular social networks. networks "Vkontakte".
     Capable of filtering stored content based on set words or the presence of an image.
     Supports the ability to automatically work with other sites for quick updates.
     Integrates with WordPress.
     Able to translate from more than 20 languages imitated content obtained from foreign sites.

For the latter, a translator from Yandex is used. Any registered Yandex user can get it for free. Further, it is enough to insert the key into the plugin and save all the changes made. Now in the settings you can edit the terms of the translation and watch how unique news begins to appear on your site, which are not yet even on major news boards.
Is it difficult to set up WPGrabber?

Even a child can set up this plugin-grabber. In order for content to start importing from RSS feeds, after purchasing "WPGrabber" you just need to enter the desired URL.

And if you need to get a full-text article from the source, then in addition to the URL, you will need to specify other data:

     HTML encoding for the page;
     template header;
     link template;
     starting point for full text;
     endpoint for full text.

Entering the above data is quite simple. And you can do it both independently and with the help of our specialists. Our professionals work not only with WPGrabber, but also with JoomlaGrubber, because they are based on the same principle. Therefore, if you already have one of the plugins, you can still contact us for help.
Benefits of WPGrabber

This plugin has several distinguishing features that make it stand out from the rest of its competitors:

     Has no restrictions for work and is able to collect information from any number of sources.
     It is not tied to a domain, a server, or a license.
     Thanks to a flexible system of processing configurations, it gives you the opportunity to independently configure the automatic deletion or preservation of elements. For example, pictures, links or entire blocks of text.
     It does not require the presence of the CURL library on your server to work.
     By purchasing the WPGrabber plugin from us, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product without built-in viruses - spyware and malicious scripts.

It is also worth noting that the basis for the plugin is the principle that is used in the well-known JoomlaGrabber component. It has been used since 2009, and now more than a thousand users successfully use it for their sites. And due to the general format files for export and import You can use already configured tapes in these applications without much difficulty.
What do you need to work on the server?

In order for this plugin-grabber to start working on your server, you do not need to create special conditions. It is enough to open the possibility for sending external requests in any way. For example, through the standard PHP function "file_get_contents" or the CURL library.

For stable operation, you can enable plugin auto-update. You can do this in just a couple of seconds. It is enough to open the settings, and on the auto-updates tab, rearrange the mark opposite the entry “Yes”. After that, the program will be automatically updated when a new version is released, and you will be one of the first to receive improved plugin features.


WordPress 5.8+
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Instructions for installing the module:

  1. Before performing any actions related to the installation of the add-on in Opencart, we recommend creating a backup copy of all site files and store database;
  2. Install the localcopy fix (if you haven't installed it yet)
  3. Download the module file for the desired version of Opencart from our site (Follow the installation instructions if there is one in the archive with the module);
  4. Then go to the "Installing applications/extensions" section and click on the "Download" button;
  5. Select the downloaded file and wait for the complete installation of the module and the appearance of the text "Application successfully installed";
  6. After that, go to the "Application Manager" and update the modifiers by pressing the "Update" button;
  7. Before these actions, you need to add rights to view and manage the module in the "User groups" section for the administrator, or other users of your choice, by clicking "Select all"
After completing these steps, your module will be installed and ready to use, and you can start configuring it!

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