Protection and security of the online store on Opencart from hacking

Recently, website hacking has become quite common due to the lack of awareness among users about security and data protection. Below are some recommendations to help protect your online store from hacking attempts.
  • Buy only verified modules on our resource. Only tested modules can provide you with a stable operation with an online store on Opencart.
  • Change the admin login and create a complex password. It is recommended that you change the default login "admin" to something more complex, such as "mylogin-admin", and create a strong password that is not used as an email password.
  • Remove the controller. It is recommended to remove the admin/controller/tool/backup.php controller.
  • Turn off error display. In the store settings, the "server" tab, you should disable the display of errors.
  • Set a password to the admin folder in the hosting control panel. For additional protection, it is recommended to set a password to the administrator folder in the hosting control panel settings.

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