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What can a module do?

Recommend products based on given conditions. It can be both similar products and related products.
A module has sink conditions and source conditions. Let's clarify these concepts a bit:
Receiver conditions - conditions for the product in which we want to show the module
Source conditions - conditions for products that the module will show.


Any fields of the product, its attributes, options, categories, discounts and promotions can be selected as conditions. The following types of comparisons are available for the condition:

  • Equals
  • Not equal
  • Less than (for numeric values)
  • Greater than (for numeric values)
  • Filled (for string values)
  • Empty (for string values)
  • equal to receiver
  • Not equal to receiver
  • Less receiver on
  • More receiver on

And a few other conditions.

Who is this module for?

  1. For a marketer. It is very important in the online store to offer the buyer to buy something else. In the language of sales - the module can do upsell
  2. For an SEO specialist. Even a novice SEO knows how important product linking is. The module can relink all the products of the store and at the same time spend a minimum of time on it.
  3. For the developer. If you are developing online stores, then you probably heard the customer’s wish that other products be displayed in certain products. Due to the flexibility of the module, the customer simply will not have such wishes that are difficult or impossible to make. It's also clean and open source.
  4. For buyers. Of course, both a marketer and a seo specialist and a developer work for buyers. It will be more convenient for them to choose a product and remember to buy something that will help them enjoy the purchase even more.

Installing and configuring the module
The installation of the module is done through the installation of extensions.

Once installed, the "Automatically Recommended" module will appear in the list of modules.
You need to activate it and go to the module settings.

When setting up the module, it is important to understand that the use of any connection with the receiver is possible where this same receiver exists, i.e. on the item card.

Without connections with the receiver, the module can be displayed in any layout, and if you set the equality of attributes in the conditions, for example, the module will work only in the "Product" layout

!!!Don't forget to set the module status to "Enabled"

After installing and configuring the module, you need to display it in the layout/scheme so that it is displayed on the site. You can do this through the admin.

    1. Go to menu "Design"->"Layouts"
    2. Select the desired layout and click the edit button
    3. In one of the proposed places (left, right, top, bottom), select the module and save the layout.

    What about adapting to a template?
    The module has an autoadaptation function. How this feature works:
    A special algorithm looks at what changes the developers made in the "Recommended" module from the standard distribution and makes the same changes for the "Automatically recommended" module. When displaying products, the module uses the appearance of the one used by "Recommended".

    To use autoadaptation:

    1. Go to module settings
    2. Press the "Adaptation" button
    3. Install the downloaded modifier through the installation of extensions


    Opencart 3.0, OcStore 3.0
    Ukrainian, Russian, English
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    Instructions for installing the module:

    1. Before performing any actions related to the installation of the add-on in Opencart, we recommend creating a backup copy of all site files and store database;
    2. Install the localcopy fix (if you haven't installed it yet)
    3. Download the module file for the desired version of Opencart from our site (Follow the installation instructions if there is one in the archive with the module);
    4. Then go to the "Installing applications/extensions" section and click on the "Download" button;
    5. Select the downloaded file and wait for the complete installation of the module and the appearance of the text "Application successfully installed";
    6. After that, go to the "Application Manager" and update the modifiers by pressing the "Update" button;
    7. Before these actions, you need to add rights to view and manage the module in the "User groups" section for the administrator, or other users of your choice, by clicking "Select all"
    After completing these steps, your module will be installed and ready to use, and you can start configuring it!

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