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OpenCart 3, ocStore 3
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This template has all the characteristics necessary for a quick start of the store and its further successful existence. A light, fast, universal template that is perfect for creating stores of various areas - selling household electronics, appliances, clothes, shoes, books, various accessories, jewelry and much more.

The template comes with modules vital to every store, such as quick order, call order, ask product questions, select product options in categories and modules, one-page checkout, and many more, and the built-in template management module will give you huge the ability to customize the template exactly to your requirements (at the moment, the template settings module contains more than 250 items of important and useful settings).

At the very bottom of the article is written " How to install the UniShop template on Openkart "


Responsiveness (including slideshow modules, product carousels, etc.), tested on various devices with horizontal resolution from 320px

Ability to customize the color scheme for ALL key blocks of the template. These are titles, links, buttons, backgrounds, title-labels of slides in slideshows, text and background of the main menu, footers, text banners and much more. More than 50 items in total.

Built-in "live search" module. Searches by name, description, tags, models, article number.

Built-in module for creating a customizable side menu

Built-in news module

Built-in photo gallery module

Built-in "you watched" module

Built-in "manufacturer list" module

The built-in module replaces the photo of the product with the image of the selected option

Built-in module for creating a block of additional contacts

Built-in module for displaying recent or random reviews

Built-in module for the alphabetical list of manufacturers

Built-in module for text banners, with the ability to display pop-up windows with text and images when clicking on the banner

Built-in "pop-up" module for authorization and registration windows

A built-in module that adds fields describing the advantages and disadvantages of the product to the standard comments

A built-in module that allows the administration to respond to user feedback about the product

The built-in tabs module - new products, promotions, best sellers, recommended + the ability to create your own tabs and give them the desired names.

Built-in quick order module. The order is created and displayed in the admin, in the list of orders!

Built-in module for simplified one-page ordering with display of related products!

Both recommended products and products from real orders can be shown as related products.

Built-in support for hiding or showing certain delivery and payment methods depending on the address specified by the buyer without reloading the page.

The built-in function of registering a guest buyer as a user buyer during the order process

Built-in module that shows other products from the same category in the product card (all parameters are configured in the admin)

Showing the third level of categories in the main menu

Built-in stickers module (promotions, new products, best sellers + 5 custom stickers)

For the "new" sticker, you can specify the text of the sticker itself and the days during which, after adding the product, it is considered new

For the "sales leader" sticker, you can set the text of the sticker itself and the number of sales of this product, after which it will be considered the leader

For each type of sticker, you can set the background and text color

Promotions, new products, recommended and bestseller modules have been replaced with improved ones, with a built-in adaptive carousel

Built-in call order module

- When ordering a call, you can choose one of three topics of the call

- The activity and the text of the subject of the appeal are configured in the admin panel of the template

- When choosing the third topic, the "e-mail" and "question text" fields appear

- The letter indicates the name, contact phone number, e-mail, the subject of the appeal and the text of the question

- The letter comes to the e-mail specified in the store settings


Built-in "ask a question about the product" module

- The name of the product, name, contact phone number, e-mail and the text of the question are indicated in the letter

- The letter comes to the e-mail specified in the store settings


Three types of product display in categories - a third type, compact, has been added.


With the "buy" button, if the product has been successfully added to the cart, the inscription on the button and its color change

Breadcrumbs micro-markup for category page and product card

Micromarking of the product card

How to install?

  1. Open the admin panel of your store and install the Localcopy modifiers (for your OC version) through the installer, if not already installed.
  2. Open "Extensions -> Install Extensions", install the unishop2_fix.ocmod.zip file and then MUST update the cache of modifiers.
  3. Open "Extensions -> Install Extensions", install the unishop2_v2.9.2.0.ocmod.zip file.
  4. Open "System -> Users -> User groups", the administrator group. There, in the first and second window, select all and save.
  5. Open "Extensions -> Extensions".
  6. In the list, select "Modules", include all modules related to UniShop2 (so that there are no errors) and at the end open "UniShop2 - Template Settings".


OpenCart 3, ocStore 3
Ukrainian, Russian, English
Reviews: 4
шаблон без привязки к домену?
The administration's response:
Без, можно использовать на любом домене
Шаблон універсальний, можна підігнати під будь-які товари. Функціональність на висоті, багато модулів вже вбудовані та не вимагають окремої покупки.
Допрацьовую вже другий магазин на цьому шаблоні та планую купувати ще для інших проектів.
The administration's response:
Дякуємо за покупку!
Το πρότυπο είναι ωραίο, υπάρχουν πολλές ρυθμίσεις, ευχαριστώ πολύ! Η ελληνική μετάφραση αγοράστηκε ως επιπλέον. εξυπηρέτηση, λειτουργεί τέλεια
The administration's response:
Σας ευχαριστούμε για την αγορά σας
Roman Nevzorov
Відмінний шаблон, напевно, я б навіть сказав, відмінне рішення, готовий інтернет-магазин, в якому закладені всі необхідні модулі для зручності адміністратора та покупців і навіть більше. Безліч різних налаштувань, все інтуїтивно відомо, легкий, адаптивний дизайн, висока швидкість роботи, багато адаптацій від розробників доповнень, саме під Unishop2 10 із 10! Рекомендую!
Questions: 1
Буде працювати на опенкарт
The administration's response:
Да, будет

Instructions for installing the module:

  1. Before performing any actions related to the installation of the add-on in Opencart, we recommend creating a backup copy of all site files and store database;
  2. Install the localcopy fix (if you haven't installed it yet)
  3. Download the module file for the desired version of Opencart from our site (Follow the installation instructions if there is one in the archive with the module);
  4. Then go to the "Installing applications/extensions" section and click on the "Download" button;
  5. Select the downloaded file and wait for the complete installation of the module and the appearance of the text "Application successfully installed";
  6. After that, go to the "Application Manager" and update the modifiers by pressing the "Update" button;
  7. Before these actions, you need to add rights to view and manage the module in the "User groups" section for the administrator, or other users of your choice, by clicking "Select all"
After completing these steps, your module will be installed and ready to use, and you can start configuring it!

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