Modules for Opencart

Welcome to the world of incredible possibilities for your online store, where innovation and functionality merge into one! On this web portal, you will discover a rich assortment of extremely useful and productive modules designed specifically for the Opencart, Opencart PRO and Ocstore versions 2 and 3 platforms.

Fill your online store with unparalleled possibilities thanks to the advanced Product Filter, which allows you to instantly find exactly the add-ons that will help you achieve your goal.

Modules for OpenСart are your passport to extended functionality. You already know that the basic functionality of Opencart CMS is enough to run a successful online store. But is it possible to keep creativity and ambition within the limits of standard possibilities?

With the help of our modules, your online store will turn into a real creative space:

  • Get yourself a unique admin panel that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Optimize order processes and analyze results with advanced reports.
  • Recreate items as accurately as possible with new options and attributes.
  • Give your customers an incredibly convenient product search.
  • Build dynamic pricing strategies.
  • Improve the efficiency of the delivery and payment system.
  • And this is only part of what can be done!

Our modules are the answer to your wishes. The idea that your online store can be bigger and better has always been reflected in the development of each module of our team.

How to get the module?

If the application is free, you can download it immediately after purchase in your personal account, the price for such modules is 0.

Paid modules must be paid for and downloaded on the appropriate page in your personal account.

For your convenience, we have removed moderation after payment, so after the funds arrive in our account, your files will be available in the cabinet immediately!

✔️ Installation Ocmod, zip
✔️ For CMS Opencart,  OcStore
✔️ For versions 2.x, 3.x
✔️ Support Eat
✔️ Localization Ukrainian, English, Russian and others.
✔️ We work for you:
More than 15 years

"Home" button in the menu
This extension displays a "Home" icon in the main menu with a click-to-home feature. Functions » &qu..
0 грн
Your discount: -37%
A module for removing unused images
A module for removing unused images
This extension allows you to automatically find and remove unused images on your website, helping to save server space a..
550 грн 345 грн
A-Discord Notification Module for OpenCart 2x
The module allows you to receive notifications about orders, product reviews, new registered users, product returns and ..
320 грн
Accordion Category Menu
Accordion Category Menu OpenCart is a module that allows you to create an accordion menu on your OpenCart site in a side..
110 грн
Admin Login Page
This add-on will change the admin panel login page. The default admin login page will be changed. The application can..
0 грн
Adult Only Age Verification (set multiple ages)
This module gives you the ability to protect your content with an age verification box. You can add custom verification ..
250 грн
Advanced Order Manager
With this extension you can manage your orders quickly and easily. This extension allows the admin to edit, bulk delete,..
270 грн
Advantage Blocks (Information Blocks)
Creating informative blocks on your site based on Opencart 3 has become easier with the help of this module. With its he..
155 грн
Age check Pop up (Age restriction)
PAY ATTENTION! We have POP UP PRO Age Check (Age Restriction) Where there are many settings, with the ability to put ..
0 грн
All store products
File information The module allows you to display all store products on any page through layouts..
90 грн
All store products on a separate page
File information The module displays all store products on a separate page Ability to set which categories to show..
110 грн
Analytics+ module for OpenCart
Analytics+ module for OpenCart is a brand new and reinvented Analytics system for OpenCart. It allows you to view conv..
450 грн
anyCSV/XLS/YML PRO PIM Edition Import / Export module for OpenCart
The module allows you to import from almost any CSV, DSV, XLSX, XLS, YML files to all OpenCart 2 (all versions) and ..
  1 review
275 грн
Apply button in admin panel for Opencart
This module adds the "Apply" button to the administrative panel, which allows you to save changes without closing the ..
  1 review
0 грн
Ask a question about the product (Q&A)
In almost all popular online stores, communication with customers is divided into two sides, this is a regular review/co..
155 грн
AskReviews - automatic request for a review of a purchased product
The module allows you to set up automatic sending of an email to the buyer with a request for feedback on purchased prod..
350 грн
AUTO SEO FAQ Markup Q&A FAQPage JSON-LD or Microdata
The module allows you to add a block with frequently asked questions and answers to the page of a product  , categ..
  1 review
400 грн
Auto Translation Pro module for OpenCart
Do you have multiple languages in your store? Looking for an easy way to translate your products in these language store..
195 грн
Automatic change of order status and notification
Introduction One of the most important tasks of any online store is automation. Why do routine work when you can give..
195 грн
Automatic creation of product filters
The modifier was created to automate the creation of standard OpenCart filters. The main features of the modifier: ..
110 грн
Automatic quantity of goods in stock
The module automatically adds data on the quantity of the product, the quantity in the option, promotions and discounts...
0 грн
AutoSearch 3x - quick search
AutoSearch 3x is a quick search module with a drop-down list, when the results are shown immediately as you type. This..
120 грн
Backup and Restore Plus
Brand new version with significantly updated and redesigned appearance and efficient management of large size backups fo..
350 грн
Key features:Predefined blocking reasons   Full list of blocked with searchBinding blocking to the order and t..
270 грн
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Module Payment by banking applications to an IBAN account
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Modifier Installation of arbitrary codes
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Nice Template for OpenCart 3 (Free)
Отличный шаблон, намного лучше дефолтного, установил на последний опенкарт
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